EarthSpaceComet Ison should make it’s way around the sun by the end of the day on Thanks giving day!   Wow what a spectacle, every electronic eye in the galaxy should be trained on the comet.   You can now see comets Ison and Enke racing through space on the stereo A satellite.  It is an awesome view.  it’s the camera used to watch the sun and they will be rediecting it to catch the entrance and exit of the comet. Many people are speculating that Ison if it makes the journey will make the sun react with flares and emps .  The question is weather or not they will be earth facing or not?.  It is in the Lords hands. Can you imagine if parts of the world were effected by these emp’s it could send technologies back 50-100 years which wouldn’t be such a bad thing would it?   If you are prepared and can grow food and survive in a world like that. I think I would rather be with the Lord and I think if it did happen, The Lord would not hesitate much longer before he came for his bride.  When you see these things,  look up for your redemption is near.  BPEarthwatch will have all the info you need on thanksgiving day. keep lookin up!

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