A Servant

Nothing More, Nothing Less, and Nothing Else

Art’s life testimony is summed up in his own words, “All I want is to do what God wants me to do—nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. I just want to serve Him.”

Raised during the depression by alcoholic parents Art Ehm knew nothing about God. Then as a young husband and father 23 years old, a co-worker led him to invite Jesus Christ into his heart and life. Immediately God called him into Ministry. He trained at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon and became a Youth Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. “I went from never darkening the door of a church to being there every time the doors were opened!” Putting the Kingdom of God and His Church ahead of our own family takes a toll. After several years his wife asked him to choose between his family and the ministry. Faced with divorce he left God’s Purpose for his life to save his family but lost them to divorce years later.
This is the story of how God Called him a second time restoring him in the Ministry. Art surrendered all to follow God’s Plan and Purposes entrusting our children and their families, fully into God’s Care. Together we witnessed the Miraculous Power of Jesus Christ change thousands of lives!
A Servant is about the dramatic change in his life that took place when he left all behind to fully serve the Lord. To follow his example, to walk in his footsteps as he followed Jesus, will take us on an equally exciting, interesting and challenging journey into new horizons in our own lives. .

Author:  Sharlene Ehm