How to Identify the Enemy

I. Pattern of Jesus
    A. Initial encounter
        1. No Old Testament record of driving out evil spirits
        2. Mark 1:23–28, 32–34, 39
               a. Demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits, kinds of spirits
               b. Jesus dealt with the spirit in the man
               c. Daimonizomai (Greek) = To be demonized, not possessed
               d. A continuing ministry
   B. Associated with healing
        1. Luke 4:40–41; 13:11–16—Ministry of healing and deliverance is interwoven
        2. Luke 13:31–32—One-third of Jesus’ ministry was spent in healing and deliverance
II. Equipping of Disciples
   A. No one was sent out to evangelize without being commissioned to deal with evil spirits
   B. The twelve disciples—Matt. 10:1–8
   C. The seventy—Luke 10:1, 17
   D. The Great Commission—Mark 16:15–17; Matt. 28:19–20
   E. Philip the evangelist—Acts 8:5–7
III. Nature of Demons, Evil or Unclean Spirits
   A. Persons without bodies
   B. Discontented outside of a body
   C. Two main objectives:
        1. To keep you from knowing Christ as Savior
        2. To keep you from serving Christ effectively
   D. Distinguish between flesh and demons
        1. Flesh is the carcass
        2. Demons are the vultures that settle on the carcass
        3. Flesh must be crucified—Gal. 5:24
        4. Demons must be expelled—Mark 16:17
IV. Characteristic Activities of Demons
   A. Entice
   B. Harass
   C. Torment—unforgiveness opens the door to torment
        1. Physical torment—example of arthritis
        2. Mental torment—example of fear of going insane
        3. Spiritual torment—fear of having committed “the unforgivable sin”
   D. Compel
   E. Enslave
   F. Addiction (compel plus enslave)
   G. Defile
   H. Deceive—pride opens the door to deception
    I. Weaken, make sick, tired or kill
   J. General: Demonized people are restless in some areas
V. Main Areas of Residence—Proverbs 25:28
   A. Emotions and attitudes (gangs)
        Behind every negative emotion and attitude there is an evil spirit
   B. Mind
   C. Tongue
   D. Sex
       1. Sex is not evil
       2. Every form of compulsive sex aberration is demonic
   E. Lusts—perverted desires or appetites (1 John 2:16)
   F. Occult
   G. All false religions, philosophies and cults
   H. All heresies—departures from the Christian faith (1 Tim. 4:1–3)
I. Physical bodies
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How to Expel the Enemy

I. How Demons Come In
   A. Occult background—Exodus 20:3–6
        All forms of idolatry expose people to demons
   B. Personal occult involvement—Deut. 18:10–12
   C. Prenatal influences
        1. Example of rejection
        2. Fear (1 Peter 3:8)
   D. Soulish domination
        1. Manipulation by another person
        2. Example of a mother dominating her children
   E. Pressures in early childhood (James 3:16)
        1. Disharmony and strife between the parents can expose a child to demonic influences
        2. Most demon problems start before the age of five
   F. Moment or place of weakness
        1. Emotional weakness
        2. Physical weakness
   G. Sinful acts or habits
II. How to Be Delivered
   A. Be humble
   B. Be honest
   C. Confess your faith in Christ (Heb. 3:1)
   D. Confess any known sin by yourself or by your ancestors
   E. Repent of all sins (Prov. 28:13)
   F. Break with occult, curses and secret societies
   G. Forgive others
   H. Expel (Mark 16:17)
III. Why Some Are Not Delivered
   A. Lack of repentance
   B. Lack of desperation—passivity
   C. Wrong motives (James 4:3)
   D. Self-centeredness—desire for attention
   E. Failure to break with occult, etc.
        1. Getting rid of occult objects
        2. Getting rid of anything that savors of superstition
    F. Failure to sever evil, binding, soulish relationships
   G. Under a curse
   H. Failure to confess a specific sin, i.e., abortion as murder
        I. Not “separated” by water baptism
   J. Part of a larger battle—requires corporate action by the body
IV. How to Keep Your Deliverance
   A. Make Jesus Lord of every area (Matt. 12:43–45)
   B. Put on the garment of praise (Is. 61:3)
   C. Put on the full armor of God (Eph. 6:13–17)
   D. Live by God’s Word (Matt. 4:4)
        1. Fact—Word of God
        2. Faith—believe the facts
        3. Feeling—falls into line
   E. Submit to God and resist Satan (James 4:7)
   F. Cultivate right fellowship (1 John 1:7; 2 Cor. 6:14–18)
   G. Come under discipline (1 Sam. 15:23)
   H. Make Jesus central (John 12:31–32)
© 1985 — Derek Prince Ministries–International