Good Morning and God Bless, Today we will be releasing our new CD.
The Album consists of eleven original songs and four bonus songs.

Begotten Son Ministries Genesis
  1. The Child
  2. Be Still
  3. Eternity
  4. Stand
  5. Only way
  6. At the cross
  7. D’auns song
  8. Into The Light
  9. Survivor’s Song
  10. Holy Rain
  11. My Place
Bonus Songs

  1. The Lord’s Prayer
  2. Amazing grace – My Chains Are Gone
  3. 10,000 Reasons
  4. Pass Me Not

We dedicate this music to the Ancient of Days and His Son, Jesus Christ

We will not be charging any money for the music.  Freely you have received so freely give!

There are so many people to thank for their support and inspiration so I’m not gonna name them all. Special thanks to Gerhard, M&MTribe – Gary and Stacy, for your encouragement.  I’m shipping your CD’s out tomorrow!
Also want to thank Council of Time for the awesome platform on which we get to praise and worship the Lord!

The CD is only available in a hard copy at this time so leave all your info and we will send you one right away. .

Please note that this recording is not professionally produced and was performed with a minimum of effects. Our goal is to share the songs the Lord has given us and have blessed us. If you would like more than one copy please state that in your requests. Downloads will be available here on our website in the near future. We are offering this recording at no charge as per instructions from the Lord


However we are accepting donations and love gifts for the operation and up keep of the website, machinery and cost of postage for the CD.

Begotten Son Ministries is run solely on your generosity and donations from people just like you.  There are many needs in the body of the church and we try to fill them as they arise.  If you would like to donate anything other than money; food, cars & trucks, motor-homes, trailers, motorcycles, houses etc.
Please make sure they are in running condition with a clear title.
All donations are tax deductible. {please see your CPA for instruction}
Begotten son ministries is a non-profit ministry. We donate 100% of our time and money to it’s operation with no compensation to ourselves. The Lord is our provider, we shall not want. God will provide according to his riches and glory!
Pastor Scott Ehm
God bless you and have a great and wonderful day!