Good morning.  I was going to write a big lengthy article about the Corrupt Elite, but, I decided to keep it simple. We all know about their Luciferian agenda and how they want to reduce the population of the world by 5 billion people any way possible.  They are the author’s of the “Georgia Guide Stones” and if you are not familiar with them, I would have you look them up.  These guide stones just put their little plan in writing.   When it comes to fighting against the common man, these companies band together and create havoc.  Firstly, media companies feed you nothing of value and lull you into a false sense of security and tell you every thing is o.k. when the world is in protest and burning… kinda like it is Now!  Then there is the smaller food distribution companies that can make you believe in a shortage when there is none.  Or plenty and the shelves are bare…they control the destination according to the master plan and where they want the population, in turmoil. Then there is the bankers that sold you the loan that they knew you couldn’t afford and would default on when the time was right.  Oh by the way if they want to foreclose on you, ask for the original note.  They will not be able to produce it.    Chances are it has been bought and sold many times and some other country, that we are in debt to, owns it anyway .  Now you’ve got a head ache and the doctor is most happy to prescribe to you the latest mind numbing concoction to keep you dumb unto death.  And Finally a steroid induced police state that  wants to antagonize you into a civil war as the false president continues to sign away any constitutional rights we may have left.  Hey guys, I know It can get over whelming, just remember, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior!  It is He that directs our steps and keeps us from harm.  All we have to do is CALL ON HIM.  Don’t let the world  take over.  Spend some quiet time with the Lord Jesus.   Learn to hear His voice when He calls.  Peace be with you.  I pray for you all that you might come to know Him, in Jesus name amen.  Please continue to pray with us for the spiritual awakening of God’s people.  Join us and agree with us in prayer and STAND UP for what is right.  Bring attention to what is wrong!  Repent of your own sin and the Lord will lead you.  Watch and let no man deceive you.

One thought on “Bilderburg 2013

  1. Sharlene Ehm

    Well written! Just needs your beautiful ‘spell checker’ to go over your posts.

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