red-moonHello every one, and thank you for joining me here at Begotten Son Ministries.  I guess the easiest way to understand the blood moons significance is to try and explain as simply as possible.  The book of Genesis says that GOD uses the sun, moon, and stars as signs to communicate to mankind.  Also in Luke 21: 25-27  and there shall be signs in the sun,moon and stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity and the sea and the waves roaring. Men’s hearts failing them for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  Think about how the three wise men were lead to a little manger in Bethlehem by a star they followed.   Also when the bible says the sun stood still while Joshua led Israel to victory over her enemies.  You know as well as I do there is a sense in the world of things changing  and the Lord is communicating to us in a  supernatural way.   Through the blood moons as he has done in the past.  Pastor John Hagee says “I believe there will be something significant that will happen to Israel in the next two years that will bring about a dramatic world change , and will change the course of history impacting the entire world.”  The celestial signals lie in the four blood moon cycle we have just entered into. The series of blood moons is very rare that they would coincide with Jewish high holy days. The first starting on April 2014 is on passover the the celebration of sukkot the feast of tabernacles in September of 2015.  Each one of the blood moons line up with the holidays perfectly.  Oh, and is it a coincidence that the last blood moon will be seen only from Israel and the middle east?   In the Past  when these blood moons have occurred on Jewish high holy days, major events have occurred for Israel and the Jewish people.  In 1492 Spain expelled the Jewish people and it just so happened many found refuge in America. 1948 Israel was reborn into a nation.  After 2000 years God supernaturally brought the people back to Israel and a nation was born in a day!    In 1967 Israel won the six day war and recaptured Jerusalem and the city and the people were reunited for the first time in 2000 years.  There are countries that have sworn to annihilate the Jewish nation first chance they get and for the first time in history they have the means to do it.  The Lord says any nation that comes against his chosen people will be cursed and will come under judgement.   I believe our time is short and we need to come together in the body of Christ Jesus.  Stay in the word of God.  Walk close with the lord  and if you’re far away come back.  The Lord calls his people to the day of redemption.

God bless you and keep you.  Do not fear, do not be deceived . Keep looking up!

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