Black Out.

Hello everyone , Hey I just wanted to bring your attention to a program that will air on national geographic channel Sunday 10/27/2013 at 8:00 pm.  It is a made for tv movie called American Blackout.  This is exactly what would happen in case of a EMP or solar flare.   I think it wise…


Earth Changes

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Fukushima Update,

Take a look at some of the reports coming out today about Fukushima reactors.  It was stated earlier that there have been multiple incidents where radio-active water has been dumped into the Pacific Ocean. More than 10,390 tons of the radioactive water has been dumped or is simply draining from the glass tubes in the…


Prayer Warriors

Please pray for Don Jr, son of Pastor Donny of the church without walls, San Diego.  Satan has com against Don Jr with false accusations and we need your prayers to stop this attack. Thank you Lord for the victory in Jesus name Amen. Would also like to thank everyone that rose to the call…


Police road blocks

Police road blocks in Louisiana,  stop people and demand blood test, saliva swabs.  What in the wide world of sports is going on!   Yes it’s true congress recently passed a bill saying mouth swabbing is legal. I didn’t know the cops could demand blood though.   Now our DNA is not even our own.   Lord…