Police road blocks

Police road blocks in Louisiana,  stop people and demand blood test, saliva swabs.  What in the wide world of sports is going on!   Yes it’s true congress recently passed a bill saying mouth swabbing is legal. I didn’t know the cops could demand blood though.   Now our DNA is not even our own.   Lord…


Bilderburg 2013

Good morning.  I was going to write a big lengthy article about the Corrupt Elite, but, I decided to keep it simple. We all know about their Luciferian agenda and how they want to reduce the population of the world by 5 billion people any way possible.  They are the author’s of the “Georgia Guide…


Earth Quake Warning!

Be warned,   Earth quake warning issued for entire west coast for the Next five days.  Stan Deyo has an awesome website that will keep you abreast of the most recent Earth changes..   His knowledge is extensive and his predictions are correct.   Stan has a very good track record when it comes to predicting…


Isreal Bombs Damascus

Israel Bombs Damascus!   The prophetic implications are mind boggling.  It is written in the bible that one of the signs preceding the Lord’s coming would be the total destruction of Damascus.   If Israel nukes Syria it will fulfill the prophesy.   For more details  check out Hal lindseys website www.hallindsey.com        Sharlene Ehm,bible-sunset-2 Reporting.