Comet Ison was very interesting to watch while it made it’s way around the sun but,  what happened to the missing NASA footage?  I see snippets of the comet as it made perihelion but, none of the footage that went missing when the comet was said to have disappeared.  what was it three hours or so?  What was NASA trying to pull?  why did they lie? could they have been miss directing our attention. what was this farce all about?  I have a couple other dozen questions on what NASA’s up to. Do we really need to fund another government dis information campaign just to receive 3dr tier science from it. You do the math. Now they want to put billions into finding inhabitable planets in our galaxy. and possible Life on other planets.   GOD help the other planets.  I say use the money to fix our own first!  It appears that the comet has indeed broken into very large pieces and continues on it’s way thru space. It is not known if we will experience any of the debris from the tail of Ison when we go through the path in January .  You know it was said that NASA was turning an armada of space vehicles the largest and most technlogical in history to photograph and study comet Ison,  Then why were the photos so poor? why were the films  and pictures tampered with,  why was this considered the comet of the century ?  This remains to be seen.  Why did they want us looking only at ISON?     When you see these things come to pass Look up for your redemption is near.

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