Comet Ison is in fact starting to brighten finally as scientists predicted.  It also appears that it might be breaking apart also.  The comet is about to enter the area detectable by a few of our suns satellites and we should be getting better pictures in the near future. For now NASA is still sending layered images of the comet with no explanation for the deception. The comet should round the sun on the 28th of November and be a lot more visible to the naked eye if it survives the trip around the sun. The next few weeks will tell us if it will break up or not.  It appears to have developed eight distinct  tails coming from the coma of the comet. This tail could be blown away by a strong cme’s if the right one comes along, but it would return shortly after if it does happen.  The comet has been hit by a number of flares and small cme’s lately and is about to align it’s self with Saturn ,Mercury, and the sun.  We are expecting a electrical event when it rushes by Mercury and it may go Comet like mars did earlier.  BPEarth watch on youtube has some awesome images and cometary on the subject if you would like to see it go to bpearthwatch on youtube…. also PHD James Mc Canney at his site he is the leading authority on the subject. Thank you all and have a  blessed day.  Jesus is LORD..

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