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Its been a while but a lot has happened.  First of all I want to alert everyone to an Earth quake watch this weekend. The earth has incoming debris and CME’s, as well as  possible solar flaring and a coronal hole lining up with earth to create prime watch conditions.  Carolina and Oklahoma have already experienced some shaking but my concern is in the Pacific North West. The Cascadia subduction zone is way over due for an 8-9.0 magnitude quake.  Please Prepare for up coming disasters.  We have very large space objects that will absolutely impact Earth in the end of Feb through March. This has been confirmed by high level military personnel as well as main stream,( lame stream science)  Get ready but do not Fear. DO not return once you are told to leave, even if you forgot something.  Our government started loading into the underground shelters two days ago. Normally it takes at least 60-90 days for them to complete. Be warned.  This is not a joke. GOD bless you and keep you always Pastor Scott

UPDATE:     Be advised as of the 21st of Feb, the suns activity has increased and is putting out solar flairs and coronal mass ejections. This will continue to cause severe weather and Earthquakes in diverse places. Also be advised that the USGS is in fact falsifying information when it comes to the yellow stone super volcano.  Look at ……before it news for details.. GOD BLESS and good Night

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