The sky is falling, get ready folks there is reported to be a huge  meteor outbreak , It seems that 90 reports are coming in from many locations  coast to coast in the united states, Canada, Australia and other countries of the world. and this is just the first day of the seven days of passing. Isn’t it weird that this would coincide with the death of former Israeli prime minister,  Arrel Sherone? Scientists have one lame excuse after another.  It seems there are several near earth objects orbiting near our planet that they don’t want us to know about. check out asteroid 2003 QQ47. People are seeing multiple fire balls coming from space and they are getting very little coverage in the LAME stream media. One Washington state resident said” there were so many it scared us”, Could it be that we are entering the projected Comet Ison’s debris field and this is just the start of the fall out expected.   No body knows. but these rocks are not traveling alone, They have friends. No one knows exactly how large these rocks will be and they are very hard to see coming, especially if the are relatively small.  So far NASA is tracking about 2000 larger ones but that is just a small percentage of what is out there.  The buzz word inside the military is Meteor Storm says an anonymous military insider known as Michael from around the world. He says that this will continue to get worse for the next few years.  Now we know why Fema has been gearing up and what they have been prepping for. Stay alert and keep looking up. The Lord knows where everyone of his people is…..GOD be with you. Jessie at BP Earth watch has alot more on this space debris and charts ,graphs and videos, but not limited too. check it out.

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