As meteors  and fireballs of all kinds rain down on our heads .It kinda makes you wonder why we are experiencing so many and at many times the normal sizes and also multiple blazing rocks descending from the heavens splitting into fragments and designating. Yes many people are reporting two and three traveling together. There were over 800 December 28th  acording to the American Meteor Society. reports  were issued when I last checked this afternoon and with more coming in every minute. The Geminids should have come to a close and  the quadrantids will peak on or about Jan 3rd or 4th 2014 . They say this shower can generate over 100 meteors per hour, and we still don’t know what effect if any comet Ison will have on the earth. One unnamed military official says prepare  your selves for three years of escalating meteor STORMS. although he won’t divulge his source or his identity he states that military science is Totally different from civilian science. I think what he means is that when it comes to NASA we get third tier science. as NOT Another Stupid Answer, = NASA.   No affiliation, Dr James Mc Canny would be the one to ask any questions about increased meteoric activity.  By the way people,This was all fore told in a ancient publication, in detail that we would see signs in the Sun, moon sky and earth. The Bible tells all about these times and what to expect ,and what to do about it! When you see these things come to pass Look up, for your redemption is near!  Exciting isn’t it to know that we live in the last days and that our generation will not only witness the second coming of Christ, We shall all be a part of it!!  Prepare the bride for the bridegroom knocks at the door and he expects a bride without blemish and without wrinkle.

One thought on “Fire in the Sky

  1. Deb

    Crazy huh? I go out at night to see what I can but aside from the two trails I saw a couple of weeks ago, it’s been way too overcast here to see anything. Guess I need to check some of the websites for photos.

    Thanks for keeping up on this.

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