This  i believe is just the beginning of things to come to the earth in the near future. God said that men’s hearts would fail them for what they see coming on the earth.  There has been a recent  change in information that is hitting the air waves on the alternative news programs of the internet.  A new military insider that obviously is very intelligent and well schooled in the bible as well as ancient text including the books of Enouch and other dead sea scrolls has made a great impact on the listeners as well as the hosts of a few shows.  We know him as Michael from around the world and he is setting the internet ablaze with his insider information about what may be coming upon the Earth in the near future.  Michael claims to have seen with his own eyes a few things that most of us can only pray  that the  LORD  will reveal to us.  He speaks of a few near Earth objects and a huge magnetic ball that is heading toward earth that will change the world as we know it forever. Michael is a GOD fearing man and says outright it is not to scare people that is his intention But, to help awaken them only to the truth the governments of the world will not reveal. He also states that GOD is in complete control of everything. I would like to ask all who see this post to search him out on the internet and listen to what he says and decide for your selves if he is real or not.  You can find him on the archives of Pastor Paul Bagley live. on youtube on BPEarthwatch live or blog talk radio, and the Hagmann and Hagmann report archives of the north east intelligence network or blog talk radio.  Please let me know immediately what you think and feel. Thank you Pastor Scott Ehm. use comments to reach me.

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