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As of yesterday, March 27th, 2014, it appears that there has been an incident involving a very large fireball  that started over the east coast ad wound up being blown apart over Arizona .  According to BP Earth watch; Jesse reported a rather large fire-ball that was seen over the east coast and then blown in to about 5 good-sized fragments over Phoenix, AZ.  Witnesses said this fire-ball was huge bright white and traveling sideways across the sky when spotted.  As the fireball got closer to the ground it appeared the something came from behind and struck the fireball causing it to fragment and fall to the ground.  Witnesses speculated that this was a  military missile but did not actually see one hit the target.  A witness said it was very similar to what happened in Russia to the large fireball that caused so much destruction late last year.  Be advised the meteors will be coming more  and more often and with deadly results as we get further into the debris trail. See BP Earth watch and the American meteor society for details into this phenomena .   God bless you and be safe Keep looking up!  Also guys look at the JPL’s latest discovery: an asteroid with rings around it between Saturn and Uranus, in our solar  system. Breaking NEWS.

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