Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing the worst atomic accident that has ever happened in the Worlds history.  According to Expert Jim Lee the reactors are in far worse shape than reported earlier.  It is estimated that over 3 million gallons per day are being flushed directly into the Pacific ocean. This catastrophe is irreversible and will continue to have major effects on the Earth for many years to come. It is estimated that more than one million people have already  been stricken in one way or another with problems pertaining to cesium poisoning resulting in  thyroid cancer in most victims . Millions in the future will also be effected on the west coast of the USA although the government has recalibrate the sensors and raised acceptable levels for the human body’s consumption and digestion. Where does it stop.   God help us. Special thanks to the Lame stream news who has blocked this completely from the public view…God help you…..

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