The 19th of December came and went with out any special events here in the United States however, in Japan it was a different story. The number 3 reactor has been out gassing some kind of super radioactive steam. According to the electric company that owns Fukushima, the number 3 reactor has leaked steam several times on the 19th, 26th, and the 27th.

They suspect that this steam is from the spent rod pool above the melting reactor.


Officials are not able to see inside the reactor so they are speculating where the steam is coming from.  If this is true then the reaction at the reactor is escalating.

The company spokesperson says there is another 80 groups of rods stored in the spent rod pool.  IF this spent fuel is damaged or deteriorated it could be boiling the water in the pool and when the water no longer covers the rods well, a reaction like that would leave the entire northern hemisphere inhabitable.  These very same scientists say the plume that was expelled from the reactor on the 27th will reach the west coast as early as Tuesday, December 31st and it will last for 5 or 6 days.

It has been suggested that we take some precautions and protect ourselves by sheeting our homes with plastic and duct-taping all cracks and crevices, tape all vents, etc.  Also there are many natural substances that will help in the fight against radiation contamination.  Search this out on the net and be prepared.  I also recommend you put some food and water away , enough for a few weeks if possible.

This morning when I was in prayer I was prompted to tell the people of GOD to Prepare as Moses did.  Anoint the door post and pillars with Oil. Anoint any opening.  In ancient times, they would take a sacrificed lamb and fill the bowl with the blood of the lamb. Then dip the Hysop, a regional plant, in the blood and sprinkle it on the posts.  This would keep the spirit of death from coming for their first born.  We can just anoint with oil.  I had a confirmation of this when a lady called into the Pastor Paul Begley live show and said over the air The LORD told her to anoint the door posts like Moses did. only with oil; I about fell out of my chair!

Love you all call me or write if you need help. GOD be with you. Pastor Scott Ehm. P.S. do not go outside unless you absolutely have to. get a water filter of some kind. wear a surgical mask  if you do. Do not let your kids go play in the snow for at least 6 days.  This is not a joke. for more info go to and see fukushima video. It was also reported today that large numbers of bald eagles are falling out of the sky in Utah and Idaho. More than likely caused by radiation poisoning. Bio accumulation.


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