The Japanese company that is in charge of trying to stop the hemorrhaging of radioactive waste being poured into the pacific ocean is pleading for help from all countries around the world. They are preparing to try to remove the fuel rods stored in the storage pool atop the reactor that is currently melting down into the earth. If these rods were to touch each other there could be a nuclear reaction exploding the rest of the hundreds of rods into the atmosphere.  Please pray for Japan and her people and the workers that are getting ready to attempt the clean up.  May GOD Almighty guide their hands, in Jesus name I pray.  Amen. There has already been enough radiation released to kill millions of people across the US and Canada and Mexico. Special thanks to the US government for Issuing warnings to west coast residence. their fast actions for safeguarding the public and keeping us informed were non-existent.   I come to you Heavenly Father and Thank you Lord for removing any un forgivness  that I may have against any one involved in the cover up of this catastrophe. You told us Lord that these things would happen in the last days and many  of us didn’t believe you. We had to be shown when the time was right what your Judgement would look like when it began.  This is just the beginning. Heavenly Father if we would have only repented and not forsaken you we could have avoided all of this.Lord Jesus .  I know there is more to come much worse than we can even imagine.  Lord that you would hide your people under your wing, and protect all who call on you.   I pray that we may be hidden away in you Lord Jesus and the time cut short so that not all flesh should perish. But these are just the beginning of woes. Heavenly Father Help us to STAND  to our feet and Scream with one voice and demand the TRUTH IN ALL THINGS.. Amen

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