Good morning, Many of you may remember the late Pastor Art Ehm had originally named his ministry the Church With Out Walls. I don’t think it was a coincidence that an outdoor ministry, with the same name, has sprung up in his same neighborhood. Pastor Donnie Burroughs leads a worship and Bible service in a park in Chula Vista, CA. Where the Lord wants a Church, There is a Church!  Amen.

When I heard about this church I was very excited to find out it is an outreach to the broken people in southern California. I had the chance to get a testimony from pastor Donnie, so thanks to Pastor Sharlene Ehm we were able to get the testimony on to the website using some old out dated technologies. What ever works!

I hope you enjoy this testimony as we send it forth in the world to do the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father God we bless this ministry, and we will continue to track and support Pastor Donnie’s ministry as he reaches the lost souls in sunny San Diego county.

Just click on the link button to hear Pastor Donnie Burroughs. Pictures will be forth coming. We will post them as soon as we get them. God be with you.

Pastor Donnie Testimony

Pastor Donnie Burroughs
Church Without Walls Outreach

2 thoughts on “GOD Bless the Church Without Walls

  1. Sharlene Ehm

    Just listened to Pastor Donnie’s testimony for the first time. It is deeply moving. I wish my recorder was better, at times hard to hear. But it is so relevant and inspiring that-with your permission I’d like to type it out so your viewers can read along while he’s speaking.

  2. Mom

    I’ve been searching throughout your webpages hoping to print out a Prayer of Spiritual Warfare to distribute at Church Without Walls. Please e-mail it to me. Thank You!

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