Can Christians be under the demonic control of certain parts of their personalities.  Yes many of us carry around countless demons with out even knowing.  We open the doors daily to the demonic influences of our world.  We are set upon by all sides in this spiritual battle and we need to know there is a solution:  Jesus Christ commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, and heal the sick and cast out demons in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  forgiver of sin and healer of men.  This series will be on going.  For these are the last days.  Let us prepare accordingly.

Video #1 of the Deliverance Series

In order to be set free we must first believe in our hearts that we are forgiven.  Then and only then can we walk in the authority given to us by Christ Jesus.

Video # 2 of the Deliverance Series

Pastor Scott shows us the loving, caring, height, depth, and breath of our God.  He is not a tyrant, as many are lead to believe, passing out disease to his children.  Satan comes to rob steal and destroy.   Knowing your earthly fathers wants to give you good things, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give.

Video #3 of Deliverance Series

This is the 4th video in the deliverance series

Video #4 of Deliverance Series

Pastor Scott Explores the keys to getting healed and also the things that might hinder us such as, unbelief or unforgiveness.

Video #5 of the deliverance series.

Pastor Scott Ehm teaches on deliverance and healing.  We need to understand that sickness and disease are not thrust on us by God to teach us how to be better people. God forbid!  It is not the nature  of a Loving God to inflict harm on someone that he has a covenant with to heal!  Satan comes to rob steal and destroy.

Video #6 of the Deliverance Series

Video #7  the Deliverance Series will help you understand how to be healed from within.  It is all about understanding that God Loves us so much that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe on him shall not die but have everlasting life.  We are to have Life more abundantly, but we cannot if we hold on to the inner bruising of the past. God’s Love and what Jesus did on the cross delivers us from that bondage.

Video #7 in the Deliverance Series

Breaking Addictions reveals how not receiving God’s love and not understanding what Jesus did for us on the cross can hinder our victory against addictions. Once we come to the understanding that God loves us and understanding that we are joint heirs with Christ; then we can actively combat the desires and addictions of the flesh and claim victory over them.

Video #8 in the Deliverance Series

Overcoming Rejection

Rejection throughout our lives can be a cause of a bitter root within our spirits. It can bring about doubt, envy, strife, sickness and disease, and unforgiveness! This also plays a major role in how we see ourselves today. We need to see ourselves as God sees us; made in His image! Let us discover who we are in Christ Jesus.

A New Creature!

By the blood of the Lamb, that most precious of all gifts: Grace!

Video #9 in the Deliverance Series

Basics of Deliverance

Pastor Scott Ehm takes us through the basics of deliverance and reminds us that we need to see ourselves as God does: As children of God and Joint heirs with Christ Jesus. We also need to see our Father in Heaven as a loving and caring Father, not a cruel task master as portrayed by worldly views. Our Father wants nothing but good things for us including healing and deliverance.

Video #10 in the Deliverance Series