I dreamed a great dream,  I dreamed that something was being built.  Something spiritual a spiritual machine. It was built with the Word of GOD.  The more pieces we had put together the more it began to operate.  I saw the last pieces being built and put into the machine.  I saw it starting to move and function.  It was Magnificent and Terrifying.  My heart leapt when it came to life.  IT WAS THE LIVING WORD OF GOD, THAT IS AND BECAME REALITY,  A WARRIOR.  It’s motivation was the prayers of the saints . The LORD JESUS was in control of its destination.  When it moved it covered a lot of ground.  I saw a great part of the earth pass underneath it as it went.  I asked the Lord “What does it do? What does it accomplish?”  “My WORD,”  SAITH THE LORD
5/28/2013 4:03 am

The interpretation.

The prayers of the saints,  the parts of the body of Christ, moved Jesus to cover a great part of the earth with the word or promise of GOD.  “If my people will repent I will hear them.”  There must have been a multitude praying and repenting. Good news…

5/28/2013 6:01 am

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