Good morning and God bless you,  Thank you all for visiting and exploring Begotten Son Ministries. It was my honor this summer,  to attend a three day seminar on Inner  Healing and Deliverance with Scott Bitcon.  Scott is a intense man of God who works out of Phoenix Arizona. He  has  devoted  eleven years of his life to searching out healing and deliverance techniques and has researched many deliverance ministry’s in that period, He has taken the very best of all that was effective and with the Lords help have molded it into a easy to understand course on Inner Healing and Deliverance. The main focus for me going into this training was to find out if this was a psychology based or if in fact it was Jesus Christ centered, which was my hope from the first conversation I ever had with Scott. Jesus is the way the truth and the life  and no man goes to the Father but by the son!. The Lord spent a great deal of his time here on earth healing and casting out demons, His whole ministry was based on these mighty works calling all to repentance before him and then healing them of their sickness , disease, and oppression. We too can be healed ! yes even today Christ Jesus is healing and delivering all who cry out to him,. Jesus said all who call on my name shall be saved! I am a witness of his divine glory, I have experienced it for my self, being one of the first volunteers at the conference and have had many wounds healed and have been delivered from many oppressive unclean spirits.  This has expanded our ministry and my understanding of what we all deal with on a daily basis. If you would like to know more about  Healing and deliverance please write me here at PastorScott @Begotten Son and you can also check out Scott bitcoin at . God bless you and have a great and glorious day in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

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