Be aware there has been  two X class flares released from the sun in the last 48 hours.  There has also been two CME’s released with the flares and they are both Earth facing.  This will result in an uptick in seismic events and scientists have their eyes on the west coast of America.  Saturday evening, Los Angeles experienced several earth quakes topping out at 5.3.   Yellowstone has also registered 4 earth quakes in the last 24 hrs and have stated the magma chamber is expanding and moving S by SW.   We  will also see an uptick in weather patterns and tropical storms due to the influx in solar radiation.  The end of March and the beginning of April will also bring with it severe fireball activity so be alert and ready to help in any emergency.
God bless you and Keep your Eyes on the sky’s.
Love you all. Pastor Scott.

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