The observatory at Lisbon has leaked information about comet Ison.  It appears that comet Ison will start to break up shortly after it hits the frost line and the ice melt will increase speed and change Ison’s trajectory. There are many pieces that are coming with the comet and in January when the Earth passes through the coma of the comet Lisbon astronomer’s say we will be bombarded with particles of all shapes and sizes from a grain of sand to the size of a house.  The government of Puerto Rico has had recent meetings regarding what they are calling a catastrophic event .  If you read Ezekiel 12:20 it will explain what we can expect. DO NOT fear, do not be deceived. Words from our lord JESUS.  BE prepared do not harbor any unforgiveness, sin, don’t carry anything that would stop you from receiving the call from our LORD. JESUS will come for a bride free of wrinkle and blemish. Get close to the lord ask the LORD to cleanse you with the blood of the lamb. GET the SIN out of the house…..forgive…….GOD love you and keep you.  GET ready to behold the Glory of the LORD!

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