Grown men are not suppose to cry.!  However if more MEN got on there knees and cried to GOD we would not be in the situation with Fukushima that we are in today.  This is by far the worst thing we as a species has ever done to ruin the Earth’s delicate eco system in and around the Fukushima Japan’s reactors.  The company in charge of this catastrophe has continued to lie and down play it’s severity since this all began.  Over 80,000 people have already been relocated,  and only GOD knows how many billions of tons of radioactive cesium and other materials have been dumped directly into what used to be the pacific ocean and has now turned it in to a radioactive Wasteland.  President Obama . Exactly how many Americans have you sacrificed to your satanic God by not warning the US population about the radio active fallout that has been pouring on to us for the last Two years?.  I HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE.   You have yet to prove your self a Man, in my eyes, by not taking responsibility for anything you have done to completely undermine our once strong nation under GOD. Your whole presidency has been and continues to be an act of Treason in the Highest order.  Do not bully another country in YOUR homosexual agenda by withholding aid to their people.  This is an abomination in the eyes of GOD.   Where Is Every one and why aren’t we screaming our  butt’s off in front of the white House by the millions?   I am tired of the Government of Lawlessness and DEMAND a GOD FEARING Leadership. LORD JESUS come quickly and let your judgement be swift. signed, A GOD FEARING MAN.

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