Good after noon! we are celebrating the results of  The prayers and laying on of hands intercessors prayers Jeff’s most recent pet scan.  It is awesome after 3 treatments of worldly medicine,  And the miraculous touch of the Lord,  the huge lumps on the side of Jeff’s neck began to disappear and faded into nothingness before our eyes. The cancer was in his neck  lymph nods, glands, esophagus,  lung and liver. The Doctors are stunned and don’t know what to say except Its gone IT’s all gone,   They didn’t even treat every location because they would have killed him doing that.  Praise the Lord he is in good spirits and recovering .  NOW a second miracle !!! My dad Doug Christiansen was admitted to phoenix Baptist hospital for pneumonia  and 2 different strains of flue . he was a whopping 116 lbs and very Ill and needed a massive dose of special antibiotics. once given his condition deteriorated. he was intubated and sedated and  the prognosis was bleak to say the least,. He had reacted badly to the medicines. and his heart was failing.   His will was non existent and there could be no final directive found. communications we hindered and his wife was grossly uninformed of the situation. Finally through prayers he was able to wake up and tell us what he wanted.  all of his children were of the impression he wasn’t to be kept on life support and wasn’t to be resuscitated. decisions were made on his behalf. We were past the point of decision making when The Lord woke him  to tell us all he had changed his mind ,now having gone  through the valley of the shadow of death.  GOD is Great and worthy to be praised. !  He is awake and eating, talking and had the chance to tell his newest grand daughter he Loves her !!  God be with you all.. There is no end to His goodness.

One thought on “Miracles Abound! and Abound

  1. Mom

    Visited and listened to you again this morning on youtube and here.
    Still watching and waiting for the resuming of daily Praise and Worship Hour and your 2 hr. Ministry Saturdays on Council of Time.

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