I’ve been wanting to write a story on comet ISON for a while so here it goes.  The level of strangeness surrounding the reports on the comet get stranger and stranger.  For the longest time scientists have been asking the government to point the Hubble telescope at the comet so they could see whats happening with it to no avail.   There had not been a good picture of it until last week.  So finally, they did comply with requests from the scientists and sky watchers.  The strangest thing is when you look at NASA’s animated  maps for the comet’s trajectory it seems the earth in the model gets slowed down so as not to come to close to the comet. The third strange thing is that they are predicting the return trajectory to go above us when it is well known that this fact won’t be determined until the comet exits the sun’s gravity, if at all.  That is to say if the comet survives the sun. The Lamestream news are calling this the comet of the century and suggest that you stock up on snacks for its arrival!  I think you better do a lot better than that.  This comet will pass within 700,000 miles of the sun which puts it in the suns heliosphere.  Any body know what that kind of heat and radiation will do to a huge ball of ice and iron and stone?  Scientists estimate it to be at least 45 kilometers wide, so add a mile to the width of New York city and that’s how big it is. The proximity alone could cause major CME’s and out gassing from the sun like every other comet that has touched the sun in history has done.  Why are they NOT telling us this?  We should be able to see the comet at the end of the summer in the night sky around mars when it first appears. The comet is scheduled to circle the sun in November of this year.  There are also many reports of a huge celestial body approaching earth from the back side of the sun, where it is extremely hard to detect . But, not impossible.  Keep eyes open, something’s not right here!       UPDATE                  Recent discovery, comets are not dirty snow balls but they are iron chunks of planet  electrically charged. the tails consist of fluorescing hydrogen.. No wonder they react to the sun this makes more sense than the  previous notions of ice . as for the earth quake it is in fact a reaction from the earth after being hit by CME’s from the sun.

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