It appears that NASA is continuing to give false and miss leading information to the world.  Late on the 28th of November after Ison’s perihelion,  NASA rep reported that Ison had disintegrated .  AS reported by BPEarthwatch   of youtube  Comet Ison is fractured and in about 20 peices but continuing on it’s journey thru our solar system.  Jessy has also discovered some pretty extraordinary photos of the pics NASA didnt want us to see.  Paul Bagley jr received a call on his live show on the fourth of December from a un named government employee that states these photos are genuine and that 4 people have been fired over the leaking of them to the public.  He continued to say the coming meteor STORM is a concern to all governments and the things coming at us are coming from the southern hemisphere so it is extremely difficult for us to see.  J7409 continues to amaze me with her amateur photos, but regardless of what is done with the photos people need to know. GOD is great and the maker of all things. GIVE YOUR LIFE to THE LORD… have no idea how  much time you have. could be gone tomorrow!

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