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Most recently there has been a huge outpouring of the Holy spirit.  If you are a Christian and in fellowship, you have seen it.  It is happening at our very own council of time praise and worship show, in San Diego at the local church, in the chats at Pastor Paul’s, but mostly for us during the Praise and Worship program!  The Lord is pouring out his holy spirit on all who will worship and praise!  It is phenomenal what is happening!  Anyone that has not experienced it is welcome to come and see for themselves.  The time is set aside solely for praising the Lord in worship through music and the prayers and praises of the saints.   It has become a reverent time where someone can go to get in the spirit of praise.  The Lord said he will inhabit the spirit of praise and he fulfills his word. There are no words to express how beautiful and lovely, kind, and caring, healing and nurturing this Spirit of the Lord has been lately!  This is got to be the best kept secret on the web. Right afterward, we get to hear the uncompromising word of God through Michael as he leads the bible study hours as directed by the Holy Spirit. This is without a doubt the most in depth study of Revelations and corroborating scriptures any one has been through.

These are the days that the bible spoke of when it was written “In the Last Days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh and your young men shall see visions and your old men will dream dreams and your sons and daughters shall prophesy!” God bless you all and thank you for joining the Praise and Worship  hour.   You are invited to attend at M-F 12:00 pacific/3:00 eastern for 3 hours of praise worship and the Word of God. Then Michael from around the world will give us the UTBM…  under the bus ministries,   ha ha! .inside joke!….. Uncompromising Bible Study at 7:oopm-10:00eastern M-F.  More details and show times are available on the site.  My favorites are the living room chats. God bless you and keep you as we move into the End of Days..   No Fear and Keep looking up! Come be a part of something good.  Leave your ego and worldly self at home …….There is only room for God fearing people.  PScott.

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