Hello everyone ,  God bless you and thank you for visiting our humble site.   Coming up at the end of may there will be a gathering in Bozeman Montana, with an number of Christian speakers .  The Line up includes Pastor David Lankford,  Steve Quayle ,  Pastor Greg Evenson, also  Russ Dizdar and John kyle. with a deliverance ministry .  The conference will begin May 30th 31st and June 1st fri – sunday .. It promises to be a most excellent opportunity to fellow ship with the watchmen of the World.  God willing Pastor Scott will attend the conference..   ” my plan is to ride my Motorcycle out to save money!   I have a willingness and opportunity to go  all I need is the Means.!!  Thank you for your  support I need your help to make this happen.  We are totally dependent on your donations for the web site and the ministry.  Thank you for being a good steward of what God have given.  Make checks or money order  Payable to Begotten Son Ministries,  or click the totally secure PAY PAL   button at the bottom of the Main screen.  GOD Bless you and keep you and thank you for all your prayers and kind words. Keep listening to the praise and worship hour on Council of time.com m-f 8: am -9:00 pacific time and Saturday pm 4:00 =6 pacific time…  Praise the LORD!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                UP DATE..march 31,2014.  Thank you for your donations to the ministry toward the trip to white stone.   The Lord loves a cheerful giver!  We have not quite met our financial goals , How ever we are getting closer. Please search  Your harts.   I believe It is important for me to be there  to gain some valuable teachings in healing and Deliverance and I really need your help to pull it off.  Thank you again , And May God richly bless you according to His riches and Glory. Amen.   Love to all Pastor Scott.          UPDATE;;;    Thank you for visiting our site It has been Dedicated to the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.  As the time approaches closer to the conference,  I am fasting for three days and asking the Lord to provide for this ministry financially. I am believing for the funds for the trip as well as on going commitments from the people who visit this site and are bless by it’s teachings, to give .  But Give of your abundance . We are not here to take food off the table of the Believers. We Know that some of you out there are believing God for Your next meal,. All we ask of you is to Pray.   We will continue to pray for your needs to be met according to The Lords Riches and Glory.. We are Praying that People be blessed spiritually and Physically healed by the power of the Holy spirit as The Father pours out his spirit on all flesh in these the Last Days. The Lord loves a Cheerful giver.. God Bless Pastor Scott Ehm.

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