God bless everyone!

The Lord has put a desire in my heart to pursue a course of Evangelism.

If it be the will of the Lord, I will offer the talents and ability that he has given me to go into the world and call the lost to Jesus Christ.  It has been my long time desire to use the preaching and teaching of the Lords word in conjunction with music to minister to those who do not know Jesus as Lord.

Many Christians call Jesus Lord, but deny the power thereof.  There needs to be a revival of the magnitude that has not been seen since the days of old.  It is time to stir up the church and go after the believers to stand up for what they really believe in;  to go out to the highways and by ways to call the lost to the Lord.  It is my intention to offer my services to churches and organizations that understand the need for a clarion call to the Lord.

These are the last days and we only have but a moment of time before that great and terrible day of the Lord come.  The bible shows us how we were chosen, given to Christ, predestined to be here for such a time as this. We’ve come through trials and tribulations for the refining of our spirit, like silver and gold in the refiners fire.   These trials have become our testimony and that allows us to overcome by the blood of the Lamb.  We are called to speak into others lives.  So let us answer the call of our Lord Jesus to preach the gospel to the world.

God bless you all and thank you for your support to Begotten Son Ministries.  Please contact Pastor Scott Ehm  509-528-4998  or email me at pastorscott@counciloftime.com.

Begotten Son Ministries will offer 1- 3 hour presentations, with complete sound system.  Pastor Scott has 20 original songs that glorify God and 40 more praise and worship cover songs to usher us into the presence of the Lord.  We respectfully request a love offering be taken for travel and expenses.

God bless you all in Jesus Holy Name, Son of the living God that came in the flesh.  May the Lord Jesus be glorified and above all the Lords will be done.

Call to reserve your presentation today!


  1. Deb Kasparek

    I know you will be a blessing to all who hear you. I forwarded the message to a few and will keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities.

    Deb (Mochagramma)

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