Police road blocks in Louisiana,  stop people and demand blood test, saliva swabs.  What in the wide world of sports is going on!   Yes it’s true congress recently passed a bill saying mouth swabbing is legal. I didn’t know the cops could demand blood though.   Now our DNA is not even our own.   Lord GOD almighty,  How long Lord? CNN reports that Alabama  drivers are undergoing these block-aids also and it won’t be long until this program reaches the rest of the country….They claim this is an ongoing study to determine the amount of drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs on our nations highways.   It is my understanding that 1 of every 2 people in the US takes at least one prescription drug most take two, and the majority of those are pain killers.  With the DUI laws covering any intoxicating substance that may impair your ability, this test should be Interesting.

Scott Ehm Reporting.

If anyone has any news about the area they live in they want covered please contact me.

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