Sunday, April 4th. Good morning everyone.  It was a beautiful day in Oregon today and we started our day with the kids; Anthony, age 14, Callista, age 8, and mom [Heidi] and my self sitting down to a french toast breakfast. Yummy, After breakfast I asked the kids if they would help me do something for God.  Puzzled they agreed, even before I’d asked them, to help me give away some Bibles today.  Wow I think I got lucky, no one even hesitated. Well we packed up the car with the bibles in a cardboard box with the words free Bibles on one side and John 3:16 on the other side.  I didn’t know exactly where to go so I just drove towards Sandy until I spotted a secondhand store parking lot at the junction of a major highway.  About that time I hear a comment from one of the kids about the neat park we just passed. “Can we go?” maybe on the way back I said. Concentrating on the best plan of attack in my mind.  Anticipating the gifting of the 20 Bibles in the box, I pull into the lot and unload some very anxious family members and my box of Bibles.  Now no one in our family has ever been put in this position be for so were all pretty hesitant about how to do this. Being the mob leader I grab a Bible from the box and approach the traffic on our side of the street. I manage to giveaway the first Bible, without too much pressure I manage to close the deal on a hesitant giftee…..”God Bless,” I said. “See guys this will be easy!” I exclaimed. So about an hour goes by and here we are with the box full of Bibles minus one and I’m getting frustrated.  Now the conversation between us has figured out that we are we are proud, we are fearful, and perhaps a little worried about what others will think about our self-inflicted mission.  I reassure everyone that it doesn’t matter if we give any away at all, that’s not the point. The point being that we put Gods needs ahead of ourselves and Jesus would honor our efforts, whether we succeed or not.. What a blessing.! A little while later we packed up and went to the park we had driven by earlier. While the kids explored I put the box of Bibles on the hood of the car and quietly thanked the Lord for the one that we did give away. I took a hand full with me not willing to give up quite yet. I walked the park and gave away four more in a matter of minutes. Praise the Lord. On the way home, after the best donuts in the world were devoured, we reflected on the things we had experienced and learned. I made sure to tell the kids how proud we are of them for even considering to help. That took a lot to do and the Lord Loves you for even trying.



One thought on “Praise the Lord and pass the Bible

  1. Sharlene (Chris) Ehm

    I read this the first thing this morning and am chuckling as I reflect back on my first experience with church friends. The fear of rejection made us want to back out. Instead we got so blessed that we celebrated afterward!

    Congratulations on your first step into Street Evangelism!

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