The hottest topic on the internet today is the UFO.  People have different ideas about what and who they are and what their doing here.  The phenomenon has a history that leads us back through the pages of time to before the creation of man.  The fallen angels, and the offspring of the angles and woman, the Giants.  They roamed the earth in the time of Noah and were known as the mighty men of old and men of renown……..Very interesting subject, that leads to modern-day questions about the great deception and the alien’s possible role in our every day lives and where man kind is heading. I believe whole heartily that this has gone full circle and leads to the age-old fight; Good against Evil, or rather GOD against Satan. Thank you for visiting our website.  For information on supporting our ministry please email  Special mention to Steve Quayle at and Tom Horn at and Mr. Chris Putnam.  All publications being the sole property and having all rights reserved to the above mentioned authors and their respective materials.  Special thanks to young anonymous woman witness, husband, and elderly passenger.  God bless you. Pastor Scott Ehm

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