Good morning, with everything happening in the world it is easy to loose sight of our priorities. Let us all rededicate our lives and families to GOD.  Heavenly Father, we come to you now, Lord, and ask you to cleanse us all of any unforgiveness, any sin know or unknown.  Lord cleanse us with the blood of JESUS, so we may rededicate our lives and families to your glory LORD.  We ask you to cover every aspect of our lives, every minute of every day.  Let it be to your glory, Father God, and by the authority and the blood of Jesus Christ, son of God and King of Kings…  Amen.   So you know who you are in the body of Christ.  You know your authority, given to you by Jesus Christ.  Satan cannot use anything that is dedicated to God.  Dedicate your entire house hold, cars, pets, etc.  The sky above your home and the earth below to all four corners of the property.  There will be things that will make men’s hearts fail when they see them coming upon the earth.  But it won’t be our hearts that are failing.  We will be prepared and stand confidently in the understanding of who we are in God!  Their weapons cannot work against a christian who believes. No weapon formed against you will prosper.  STAND no matter what you see, your mind  locked on the promises of God.  You know the word of God, and the more you read it and say it the more it becomes a part of you.  These are your weapons to fight back.  The battle is for the mind; to get you to doubt that Jesus is the son of the most high God, to get you to renounce GOD the father and the Holy Spirit, or to tempt you into something so so inviting that you could hardly say no.  The Lines have been drawn.  Where will you STAND?

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