[text_box class=”black” title=”Revival, Prayers that cover the World”] A call to all people to pray for a covering on the people of GOD to protect them from the radiation plume that is engulfing the west coast of the United States, Mexico, Canada and Alaska from the Fukushima reactor #3.
LORD JESUS king of the universe. You are the only one that can cover us in your blood and protect us from this satanic attack. We plead the blood of Jesus Christ on all people who call upon your holy name. With the authority given us by you and as an outward sign of our faith we anoint our homes family’s animals and property with oil representing the sprinkling of the blood of the lamb on every door post and pillar so that the spirit of death will pass over the family and home of the followers of Christ Jesus. Praying with all prayers and supplication for the saints.
Pastor Scott debuts Johnny Graves smash hit REVIVAL on the channel tonight. We are calling all to come together tonight at 10:00 pm in agreement and prayer to cover the world.
But No matter where you are or when you hear this message, please pray. It is none the less powerful.
So help us to bring in the new year right worshiping JESUS…. [/text_box]

Click here to view the Video

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