God bless the Philippine and Vietnamese people that had to weather the latest super storm to hit the planet. According to meteorologist this is the largest storm ever with sustained winds of 190 mph and gusts at 235 mph.   a record for sure. It is  reported that the width of the storm is a whopping  500 miles wide.  Can you imagine ?. We are asking people to pray for the people that will have to endure this harbinger.   Thank you heavenly Father for covering your people with the blood of Jesus.  The only good thing to come from all this destruction is that people call on the lord when  faced with a deadly situation as this.  Jesus said if you will call on me you will be delivered.  It is up to all of us to do what we can to help. I know it seems overwhelming at times with everything going on in the world and the good news is that you can make a difference with Prayer. Thank you intercessors and prayer warriors your prayers cover the saints and reach the Lords Ears. While we are  at it,  lets say a few words to the Lord on Australia’s behalf. They have been hit by wild fires recently  that were pretty devastating.   As we get closer to the Lords coming this kind of thing will become more violent  and more often. another sign of the times.

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