Hello brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus. It has come to my attention that there is a dangerous web page out there . This story is very convincing and Tell’s about a conspiracy to coverup an Alien and government exchange program.This program consists of a team of astronauts that spend 13 years visiting another planet in our solar system. The details of this story are so convincing that even Phd’s are commenting on how this amazing story rings true. Right down to the details surrounding the problems with interstellar space travel and the implications that there may be a problem with time matching up between our world and the Alien’s. The story leads us through the astronaut;s diary and a day to day account of his experiences on the mother ship. This story is so plausible that it sucks you in very quickly, I wouldn’t mind so much but when you get to the phrase that says “Jesus was probably one of them “That just made me Angry. To say that The SON of GOD is or was an Alien, Well that’s just DECEPTION at it’s finest.! The story also go on to imply that the same ship might have landed at Fatema,.. I already have doubt’s about the truth of that matter. Do not call Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior any thing but Holy. I live because He died for me on the cross and was resurrected . Let the truth be known . In Jesus name..Shout it from the roof top’s Jesus Christ Is Lord. This is the plan of the illuminated one’s to get you to believe that ET.is responsible for mankind being on planet earth . These creatures are fallen angels and their offspring ,minions and blood line,masquerading as other worldly beings. Satan is telling you another lie and it’s a whopper! I reject this and denounce it in the name of Jesus Christ Lord of All…….We overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and our Testimony of what the blood of Jesus has done for us and we love not our lives unto death.

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