Good Morning every one,

Thank you all for your interest and dedication to the Lords work and seeing that all who have needs  for food, provisions, medical care, clothing, and bills.  All these needs are being met through the family of God and through the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you Lord, for providing for all according to your riches and Glory through Christ Jesus.

Because of all you that are able to give to our other brothers and sisters, the blessings of the Lord are going out every month. Be sure to contact Karen {JCD} at council of time or email her at  if you have a donation or provisions for the widows mite.

Also we have a request for warm clothes for the homeless in Alaska from Gypsy Girl. She ministers to the homeless and passes out gloves, socks, long underwear, power bars and fruit snacks, etc to everyone she meets with a need.  Many are coming to the Lord, Praise God.  Thank you everyone that has donated to Gypsy’s cause.  Please send packages to:  Adam and Jade Ransome C/O M&M Distributing 1658 E 59th Ave, Anchorage, AK  99507

Special thanks to all of you who support Begotten son ministries. Because of your donations over $1000.00 in relief funds has gone out to the needy in the last two months.  We would like to bring your attention to our bible drive:  We are looking to send 100 bibles to India in the next month and we are aways away from our monetary goal in order to accomplish this.  Please help us in getting the word of God to all nations, Thank you for your Tithes, gifts and support.  I am looking into several places to get Bibles so if you have a connection, or you want to help please contact me … Pastor Scott Ehm, or you can reach me by commenting on this post.  May the Lord bless you and keep you close even under His wing.

Love to all Pastor Scott & Heidi Ehm

Begotten Son Ministries.

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