Good morning everyone.  cometRecently we have added a new member to our immediate family,

Comet, the border collie mix puppy.  Oh my what a cute little bundle of joy, a white faced angel.  Of course every one has to see the new puppy and smell to see if he still smells like puppy, and has puppy breath.  As he starts to grow the paws double in size.


Now for the last four weeks we have been training for potty and obedience issues.

You know things like don’t Eat the cat.  Kitty’s are nice even when they are defending their lives.

Don’t bite, as you bleed over the sink.

I have often thought of holding an exorcism.  If any one would like to cast the devil out of a little dog, I know where you can find him.  I continue to pray for his soul and mine.
IMG_20131125_041919Wait a minute, it’s too quiet I need to go and see what he’s up to now!

Picture this 4:00 am the sound of a little whine around the side of the bed means I need to go potty!   As I wake, I notice a pungent odor to the room and realize I am too late.   In the dining room on my way to the front door, I find the digested remnants of a ham bone and all the trimmings.  Once journeyed through the innards of the aforementioned cuteness.


There  are no words to describe the love I feel for this little animal that I have let invade my heart, just a picture for all to admire.  God Bless and have a great day,    Pastor Scott Ehm

IMG_20131022_173930 - Copy

IMG_20131027_150227 - Copycomet1

One thought on “The year of Comet the Dog

  1. Sharlene Ehm

    Such a cute little guy and so much fun! It won’t be long before you discover that you are his pet! Have a great day and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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