According to V the guest of the Hagman and Hagman report for April 24th 2013 It is just a matter of time before the dollar fails. V states that Japan has lost control of there bond market and in his opinion it’s just a matter of time before we see the banks close and Martial Law goes into effect. I have been listening to V and Steve for over a year and trust them both. Now when they tell you to put some food and water in storage I would say that is pretty sound advise…. and like V says if I’m wrong you have some extra food but, IF I’M RIGHT!!! and every thing he has forecast so far has been right on.. V also suggests if you have any money to get it out of the banks AND BUY PRECIOUS METALS LIKE GOLD AND SILVER, MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE STUFF NO PAPER OWNERSHIP.. if YOU NEED HELP GO TO Steve and Contact Steve in person, V can also help you get at least 50 % of your 401k converted into physical gold if you act soon,,,, If you don’t act soon you will loose it all.. for now food and water are most important.. God Bless..

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