Gary from M&MTRIBE’S dream


I dreamt that I was within a prayer room that was located on a mountain. The room had only one middle aged woman in it who was trying to pray, earnestly, a very strong prayer. The room was dark, quiet, and empty except for this one woman who was quietly crying out her prayer for healing for someone that she knew. I thought that she had an impossible task and that she needed help. I realized that she needed many, many more prayer warriors, and that the need was immense, and that the call must go out to gather more people that could intercede for others.
Then a call went out in the form of a shout, and many, many more started arriving up the mountain and into the prayer room. Thousands and thousands- Ten thousands were like unto ants coming up a hill to the top and gathering. So many that their voices sounded like the roaring of a mighty waterfall, so loud that it overpowered any voice that tried to speak anything except prayers.
The demons who were watching from a distance were confused and could not communicate with each other for the sound of the prayers. There was a trembling vibration shaking the ground of the mountain from the energy of the prayers
As the prayers grew, there was generated a mighty light that shown up to heaven from the center of the group, so bright that it attracted other praying Christians. The prayer room was becoming a mighty stronghold for the Lord. So much so that satan himself appeared to take charge of his demons to try and figure out a strategy to corrupt and infiltrate this gathering. I saw that satan was maneuvering demons and tried to enter the prayer group through the open lines of the prayer warriors phone lines and computer connections. Once I recognized that this was going to be their way of entering, I told the Angel who had arrived (intrigued with the power of the prayers) that this was how the demons were going to try to enter. The angel said, “No corruptible flesh-spirits-thoughts could enter” and that those communication lines were “sealed” . The sealing was like a Holy force field. This allowed only the pure prayers enter in the lines. Anyone who entered who was not of the HOLY SPIRIT would be automatically condemned to the pit. So there was a reverence to this solemn prayer group and they knew the consequences to falsely entering in to the prayer group with evil intentions.

*something that I perceive as satanic in spirit attempts to corrupt my dream toward the end, and I rebuke it in the dream…
This is an occurrence I have had more than at least 10 times when I am having a Holy Spirit related dream. I left it out of the dream, because it is not actually a part of the dream itself, but it is worth noting because it happens frequently now.

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