God bless all beloved . Thank you all for  being a part of Begotten Son Ministries.  Please know that our Hearts have not changed  toward the children of the most high God, Our desire is to preach the uncompromising word of God  as it is give to us in the Holy Bible and continue preaching the gospels of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.   We are  withdrawing our affiliation from  the ( The Council of time)  after our broadcasts we halted and we were asked to comply to guidelines and rules and regulations that were never provided in any way shape or form.  The promise of the delivery of them,  that has carried on for months and has never come to pass.  All correspondence has been documented for the sake of truth  with no malice intended.  And is contained here on the website under FUTURE BROADCAST heading.   PLEASE READ IT CAREFULY.  it is supplied  so there is no question how and why things have transpired.

Begotten Son Ministries will  continue to broadcast on our Mixlr platform and all are welcome to join us in praise and worship Monday – fri 1200 – 330 pm pst . The only thing we ask is that all attending leave their agenda’s at the door and come to worship The Lord in Spirit and in Truth. God bless you all in Jesus Holy Name .

Sincerely , Scott D. Ehm.  Begotten Son Ministries.

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