Good morning and God bless all Beloved and called of the Lord Jesus.   It has been far too long sense I’ve written  . I Have to say, the Lord is Good and we have seen a great many Healings and deliverance’s in the Body of Christ Jesus.    As you know we have moved on from our association with Council of  Time and no longer sit under the teachings offered.  I do not recommend any one get involved with that organization or its leaders . The Teaching seemed to be a mixture of the New Apostolic Reformation, (self appointed Apostles and Prophets ) offering new revelations from God based on dreams and visions of the teachers. Manifest sons of God teachings, Word of Faith Commanding God to act on your behalf, Claiming  and so called speaking things that are not into being.  Add a mixture of Gnosticism.  Gnosis refers to knowledge based on personal experience or perception. In a religious context, gnosis is mystical or esoteric knowledge based on direct participation with the divine. In most Gnostic systems, the sufficient cause of salvation is this “knowledge of” (“acquaintance with”) the divine. There is talk of using meditation and astral travel, (out of body experiences) in the chat rooms and mysticism runs rampant in its participants’. Last but not least, throw in a little ecumenicalism (calling all religions to join together, no matter what doctrine they hold). The Speakers associated with this group seem to be preaching a deadly mixture of the cherry picked scriptures and philosophy’s, mostly to protect them selves and their perverse doctrine.  The Bible Clearly tells us not to change one word or one little mark.  “Not one Jot or tittle ”   we are not to add or subtract from the word of God. We are not to seek supernatural  knowledge apart from the word of God.  There is a strong spirit of religiosity within the group and much emphasis is placed on works and to be sinless in this life or, risk the chance of loosing your salvation.  If Grace is a gift we receive by Faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross, then how could we ever ascend to a higher place or achieve anything in the Lord by our behaviors ? I believe if we are truly saved we are kept unto the day of his coming. and as long as we don’t renounce Jesus and worship Satan ,we will continue in our walk with the Lord in a personal relationship with Father , Son and Holy Spirit.   The word of the Lord tells us not to be deceived.  “Many shall come in my name ”  They Prophesy things the Lord has not said. They are lifted up by their followers in a cult like admiration. They are beyond correction , and turn the tables on any one that would dare to question them or their tainted doctrines.  Mesmerized and taken captive the followers are made merchandise of and are fleeced on a regular basis . The Followers are warned not to judge the leadership in any way but simply submit to their leadership.  We are to submit to God not men. We are also to judge the actions of men, to know them by their fruits. I you cannot see  the true lifestyle of the leaders, or verify that they live a Godly life , why would you ever listen to their teaching or support their organization financially? As the Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are to be above reproaching the life that we lead, see the a description of a deacon in the bible. At the very least we should hold on the doctrine of Jesus Christ and be a “Good Steward of the resources that are place in our hands by the followers of Christ Jesus who help to support The Lords Ministries.   Last but not Least there should be no hidden spiritual abuse what so ever from a leader. There should be no hidden emotional or spiritual abuse toward any of the leadership and especially between the leadership it’s self. Finally The teacher or minister should be a man or woman of their word. They should be consistent and reliable , their lives an open book and an example of a Godly life  a servant .God bless you all  in Jesus Holy Name. He is able to keep you in his Holy Name unto the day of His coming!

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