I would like to take a minute and tell you all how thankful I am for all that the Lord is doing in our lives and Ministry.

We have been blessed to be offering a praise and worship  3 hours a day five days a week and that can be a big commitment.  The Lord continues to bless us for being apart of such an amazing group of people ,members guests and worshipers.  It has turned into a reverent time with the Lord and he blesses us with His anointing daily when we put Him first above all worldly things.  Thru the web we are reaching out to many of  God’s people all over the world, I would like to personally thank the members of the begotten son prayer council for their dedication and determination in not letting one in need of prayer be left behind  Amen! These warriors of God are the ones who stand in the gap for many and i do feel honored to be in prayer with them.  Thank you, those of you who have contributed to the ministry, you have been such a blessing to me, I cannot thank you enough. May the Lord return your blessings upon you according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus our Lord.  Love you all  and peace be with you, Pastor Scott.

Update:   Thank you all again for helping to make Begotten Son Ministries what it is….  a light in this dark world. The Holy Spirit is moving by the grace of God in our Broadcasts. Most people don’t realize the implications and results of the Praise we offer to the Lord daily.  We do see people healed, delivered and hearts changed. Situation and circumstance  totally changed and rearranged before our eyes.  It is a Marvelous thing to behold the Glory of God !  As  we continue to join together in Spirit and in Truth to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus , Son of the living God know this.   Darkness cannot abide in an atmosphere of light ! Your Praises are creating a spiritual forcefield that the enemy cannot penetrate. The spiritual warfare that takes place out of our sight is not a small thing. We are seeing lives changed. Thank you Father, for this time  together.   Thank you for your Holy spirit working in, around and thru us. Thank you Lord for making us the vessels of praise and that our sacrifice of worship is sweet sound in your ears. Keep it up Saints!   God be with you all in Jesus holy Name , Son of the Living God.

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