Hello everyone,  thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy  building this into a place where a person could get the  news and the non compromised word of GOD .I have personally spent the last year of my life in an all out search for the truth.  Thousands upon thousands of  hours spent in Bible studies prophecy, and extra biblical ancient text and writings. Not to mention the constant barrage of factoids on today’s internet. Thru my search I have stumbled upon some amazing people of GOD such as Steve Quayle, Pastor David Lankford, Pastor Paul Begley, Tom Horn, Stan Deyo, The Hagmann’s, LA Marzulli, Chuck Messler, Derick,Prince, Jessy Waltman and Michael from around the world just to name a few. my apology’s  if Ive missed anyone but there are so many. These and Others who have helped me and guided me along my path. It has not been an easy thing to separate the truth from the hype at times like comet Ison . What a disappointment. Or was it ? did you know that those very large fragments were trapped in our solar system and that the earth will have to deal with them again at a latter date? did you think they just disappeared?. My search has also led me into the study of the sun it’s heliosphere and the direct correlation of the suns magnetic pull on the earth and other planets of the solar system and earth’s weather  and Quake related reactions to the sun. WHEW ! Imagine my surprise when i was led from the pages of the Bible to the solar system and what is coming on the face of the Earth.  It is not my intention to frighten anyone or to spread fear  ,that being said it is however my duty to inform you of information recently brought to light that will effect each and every one of us. I have Learned Thru a high level military source that the US government is now tracking 29 inbound object expected to impact earth. We do not know there exact trajectory at this time however we do know that these objects have the potential to be devastating.This warning was given to me last night in a personal conversation with my source. There are also large object entering into our solar system that upon their arrival will wreck havoc with our earth weather and earth quakes and magnetosphere. Some of these effects can already be seen in weather patterns around the world such as England, Australia and the United States of America. some other effects are seen in the recent massive animal, fish ,bird, and whale die offs.  The closer these objects get the more radical the changes will become. Look for changes in the colors of the sunset and sun rise. this should be most evident. Also you can expect tremendous electrical storms of great magnitude and hurricane winds topping 300 miles per hour. by this time you will know I speak the truth. Please do not panic. Just take the time to do what is most important ,spend valuable time with family and get your house in order. NOW is the time Ive been warning you about. The LORD is calling his people together and is getting to release his spirit upon men an a way that we have never seen before.  Get ready hold tight to JESUS. The father has control of everything as has chosen you from the foundation of time to give to his only begotten son  as a bride. JESUS is coming for a Beautiful bride with out sin and blemish. The only way we can be clean is thru the blood of JESUS amen. I Am here for those of you who have questions or need help . Please call me or leave me a message with your info in the comment section and I will call or write you back.  GOD bless you all I love you. PEACE be with you. SCOTT

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